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WHEN LIFE WAS SIMPLE (Fall 2018 Newsletter)

GDP growth has increased on a rate of change basis for nine straight quarters and has likely peaked. Earnings growth is also beginning to decelerate. Sure, earnings have been good, but not compared to what was reported last quarter, declining from 24.9 percent growth to 21.9 percent this quarter with 56/500 companies reporting as of this writing . This is not the boogey man; it’s called the end of a cycle. 


THINGS HAVE CHANGED (Summer 2018 Newsletter)

The economy is likely to begin to slow in the back end of the year, and like gentrification it will bring change most find uncomfortable. The same way grandmothers must sell the family home for pennies on the dollar to pay the rising property taxes, companies must grow profits in a slowing economy with rising rates. 


YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL? (Winter 2018 Newsletter)

Uncle Sam is prone to invite Santa Claus to Capitol Hill during slow economic times to hand out stocking stuffers taxpayers can spend, which in turns boosts economic growth. We held our noses when the Federal Reserve executed Quantitate Easing because we feared the worst after the housing crisis. The odd thing about stimulating the economy with tax cuts today is that our economy is already pretty strong. 



While the economy was slowing last year without any reaction by the markets, this year we have experienced economic growth and so far so good. After all, U.S. economic growth fell from 3.3% year-over-year in the first quarter of 2015 to 1.3% in the second quarter of 2016. After bottoming out, growth is rebounding once again with 4th quarter 2016 U.S. GDP growth at 2% year-over-year.