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Winter 2012 – Newsletter

My son just started high school and promptly received a C in Algebra I, a class he aced in the 8th grade. He was immediately reminded that continued poor performance at a top institution might land him in the rugged DC public school system, an environment for which he is ill-equipped to survive. Imagine what would have happened to this very effective message had it been diluted by 435 house members, a divided senate, filibusters the 24 hour media entertainment circus. Continue reading

Fall 2012 – Newsletter

My parents never took my sister and me to Macy’s for the iconic pictures of excited children sitting on Santa’s lap. As only my father could describe it, he didn’t want his children to think somebody broke into their house to give them free stuff, concerned that handouts from Machiavellian strangers handicapped the able. Continue reading

Spring 2012 – Newsletter

My son has reached the age of 14, and now standing 5 ’10 tall, has begun the short and not so arduous journey of challenging his father’s prowess on the basketball court. Like many young men his age, he’s quite skilled at dribbling the ball between his legs and behind the back – it’s really very impressive. Unfortunately for him, he has no answer for great defense or my devastating five foot jump shot. Continue reading

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